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Vermut and tapas in Barcelona

June 22, 2012

Want to eat some tapas with “vermut”in Barcelona? We recommend you visit the following places:

Casa Oller (Passeig de Sant Joan, 146):  Small place, with a view to Ducati shop. Good bravas and croquetas, with a classic vermut. And a very nice  owner.

Casajuana (Sant Antoni Maria Claret St., 27): well known in  the neighborhood, close to Paseo San Juan, you can find  Catalan food , good tapas and assorted sandwiches. A classic place.

And now, 2 completely different places (and neighborhoods!) in Barcelona:

Delicias (Muhlberg,1 Carretera del  Carmelo): in the top of the popular Carmelo hill, the best way to go there is by motorcycle. Different kind of traditional tapas and good portions.

Velódromo (Muntaner St, 213):  smaller portions and opposite environment than Delicias. It belongs to the Moritz empire. Better go easy, because you won’t be served immediately. But the tapas are worth it!

And  to close the list:

La Esquinica (Passeig de Fabra i Puig, 296): the most famous tapas in Barcelona. From “pimientos del Padron”to ham. In Fabra i Puig St, Fridays and Saturdays  best go about 20h to avoid a queue of 1 hour.


Bar Tomás (Major de Sarrià, 49): What about the most famous bravas in Barcelona? A must!

As always, we welcome your recommendations!


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