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An alternative journey in BCN city center: Sant Antoni

July 1, 2012

Ronda Sant Antoni is close to las Ramblas. It is the city center, but not so crowded. You can start  in Mercat de Sant Antoni. There you can find anything what you want in the different market stalls. On Sundays, a big collection of antiquities.

Cervecería Moritz (Ronda de Sant Antoni 39-41): to take a fresh beer. Fashioned bar, with an innovative design, but inside you can find from remnants of the old beer factory to Roman ruins. We recommend you the visit!

Eating time!

Bar Rekons  (or Bar Canigo) (Comte Urgell 32) In the corner Urgell and Sepulveda Street,  you can eat fantastic Argentinian empanadas and cakes, salads and sandwitches. It is very popular, so it will be difficult you can take a place there  but we recommend you to discover it.

Restaurante “Laurel” (Floridablanca St.140). There you can taste Argentinian empanadas (recommended by Argentinian people!) and more dishes. You are in front of Renoir Floridablanca Cinema, a good plan for a rainy day. Original version films.

Bar Esterri (Villaroel 19), good place to eat tapas.

Centro Aragonés (Joaquin Costa St.,68): a unique experience to know the real old Spanish environment (and an old building too!).

You are in city center, so you can continue discovering curious places!


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