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Barcelona: Gràcia

October 13, 2012

One of the most interesting areas in Barcelona is Gracia, a little town inside the city, plenty of old bars and fashion cafes. Culture and Catalan identity are the badges of this area.

Verdi and Torrijos Street are two of the most popular streets. It is usual to go there to the cinema (Verdi and Verdi Park) to see OV movies. You can eat some tapas or have a cup coffee at open air in Virreina Square and Diamant Square, with a lot of comfortable “terrazas”. Some places to have a meal, a drink or a coffee:

Cafe Salambó (Torrijos St.51): old literary cafe, with wooden benches and friendly atmosphere. We recommend to visit 2nd floor, with an independent bar.

Cantina Machito (Torrijos St 47): high quality mexican food.

Châtelet (Torrijos St 54): ideal to go with couples or friends. Here you can eat sandwiches and salads.

Equinox (Verdi St 21-23): Lebanese cuisine not expensive. A popular place to eat a durum, shawarma or falafel. We recommend a mint tea at the end of the meal. If you like this kind of food, you can find similar places in Verdi St (Amrit, Alwaha,etc)

Bar Canigo (Verdi  St.2 ): at the end of the street, in Revolució Square, old and popular cafe to have a beer and a sandwich. Perfect before going to the cinema or theatre.

In Revolució Square you can eat an ice cream in Gelateria Italiana, one of the most famous in the area.

An that’s only a little part of Gracia. Don’t worry, we’ll dedicate more posts with secret places of this interesting area!


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