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Bars in Barcelona

February 21, 2013

Today a selection of curious bars in Barcelona. That’s only a sample of the broad offer in Barcelona!

Les Gens que J’Aime (Valencia St, 286 – Eixample): cocktails and bohemian atmosphere.


Musical Maria (Maria St,5 – Gracia): in Gracia, good place to have drink and listen good rock music.

musical maria

Pipa Club (Plaza Reial, 3 – City Centre): historical place, hidden in a flat of Plaza Reial.


Ascensor (Espalter St, 4 – City Centre): hidden place next to St.Jaume Sq. The entrance is an old elevator.


London Bar (Nou de la Rambla St, 34 – Raval): centric place, good music and all kind of cups.


Bar Pastís ( Santa Monica St.,4 – Raval): one of the most charming bars in the city and great place for a beer.


Bar Marsella (Sant Pau St, 65 – Raval): classic bar in Barcelona, recreates the atmosphere of old sailors.



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  1. Nice list! The Pipa bar and Marsella are both cool places to go. I’ve been wanting to to the Acensor bar for a few weeks, it looks so interesting.

  2. Hi guys! You can go to my blog to pick up a new award for this favulous blog!:))


  3. Wow, thank you Laura!! We have to celebrate with a few beers or a vermouth!;)

  4. Thank you Jessica! By the way, did you go to the Ascensor bar?

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