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Barcelona: Barceloneta (I) – Tapas

May 20, 2013

Nice weather  is coming, so Barceloneta is a good option to go.  It was an area of old fishermen and preserves its own identity: narrow streets, old little houses and the clothes hanging.

There you can find a variety of bars to taste authentic tapas. Some of them:

La Cova Fumada (Baluard St. 56): classic an famous bar of tapas, “bomba” (breaded meatball) is the most important tapa there. It is said that “bomba”  was invented here. Probably it’s true;)


Bombas. Photo from Craig Nelson (

Bar Electricitat (Sant Carles St., 15): good place to have a home-made vermouth, good tapas and all kind of sandwiches. Before you leave the bar, waiters come to your table with pen and paper. A quick add and you have the bill!

Bar electricitat. barcelona (3)

Cal Papi (Atlántida St, 65): next to the previous bar, a sailor’s atmosphere bar with a broad offer of tapas. They recommend “buñuelos con bacalao”


Can Paixano (Reina Cristina, 7): an old bar, where you eat right, under hams and sausages hanging from the ceiling. Sandwiches and sparkling wine are the specialties. You can’t find beer there!

can paixano

And if you want to discover more authentic bars, with musical surprises (Bar Leo) or cultural café (Bar Absenta), take a walk across St.Carles Street.

bar absenta bar leo

Finally,some recommendations of typical bars for foreign people: Jai-ca ( Ginebra St, 13), tapas and well placed terrace, El vaso de oro (Balboa St.9), or “gold glass”, whose name refers to the broad offer of beers and La Bombeta (Maquinista St.,3), all kind of tapas.

We invite you to discover the area wandering through the streets.


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