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Barcelona: Barceloneta (II)

May 23, 2013

In this post we mix classical and new recommendations if you are in La Barceloneta. What can you eat there? Paella and fish are the stars of that zone. There you can find classical restaurants in Barcelona. Remember name and quality means high prices. Some of them:

Salamanca (Almirall Cervera St,34), classical seafood restaurant; El Suquet de l’Almirall (Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 65), tast the paellas; Cal Pinxo , with two restaurants, one in front of the port (Pau Vila Sq,1) and other in front of the sea (Baluard St. 124) , both very good rise.

Inside the streets of  La Barceloneta:  Lobito ( Ginebra St, 9), restaurant with good quality food, Sheriff (Ginebra St, 15-17), restaurant which specialties are paella and fish, Can Ramonet (Maquinista 19), fantastic rise and the little brother,  El nou Ramonet (Carbonell St.5) and Can Solé (Sant Carles St.4) (see our visit to Can Solé here:


  • Alternative recommendations:

If you want an original ice cream, visit Eyescream and Friends (Passeig Joan de Borbó 30), where you can choose your own monster ice cream.


Forn Baluard (Baluard St.38-40), an old bakery. There you can find a fantastic wood oven bread or learn making your own bread!


Nass restaurant (Judici St.5), great cuisine beyond fish and rise. And good prices.


A little pleasure: a breakfast in Buenas Migas, in front of the sea.

buenas migas

At night, you have very different options:

– If you want to go to a bar to have a drink or listen live music  you can go to St Carles St (see post Barceloneta I). To taste a cocktail, you can go to Cafe de los Angelitos (Almirall Cervera, 26).

– During the summer, you have the option of going to the beach bars (chiringuitos)

– And if you are fashion and a disco lover, you can go to Eclipse ( at the top of Vela Hotel) or Opiumdiscos in front of the sea.


  1. More recommendations (thank you Julio!): L’Ostia (Barceloneta Sq. 1-3), gastronomic tavern; Can Maño (Baluard St 12),tapas;El Hispano (Passeig Joan de Borbó 21), rise and paellas.

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