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Barcelona and burgers

May 30, 2013

Today a post dedicated to burger lovers. You can find a broad offer and high quality in Barcelona.

Cervecería JAZZ (Margarit St., 43): Big craft-made hamburgers with market products and crusty bread and high quality beer, from anywhere in the world. And very kind people!

Umami (Floridablanca St, 148): next to the city centre, you can choose from more than 20 types of burgers, vegetarian options too.


La Burg (Passeig de Sant Joan Bosco, 55): placed in Sarrià, you can find there burgers gourmet.

la burg

Santa Burg (Vallespir St.,51): small place in Sants to taste the variety of “Santa” burgers.

santa burg

b-Burger (Aragó St.36) and Betty Ford’s (Joaquin Costa St, 56): little places to eat a good burger and have a cocktail.


betty ford

Big J Burger ( Aribau St., 18): american burger next to city centre.


  1. Two new recommendations (thank you Anna!):
    – Oval (Valencia St.199): you can make your own burger. With alternatives to coeliacs.
    – Ok Sarrià (Jaume Piquet St.18): in Sarrià, next to bar Tomas, classical burgers.

  2. And recommendations from Eva, two populars burgers in Barcelona:
    – Pim Pam Burger: in Born (Sabateret St.4) and in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi (Bigai St 1, next to Mandri St), classical burgers.
    – Kiosko: in Born (Av.Marquès d’Argentera, 1).
    A mention to “Pijama” (Granada del Penedès 29), between Tuset and Balmes St.

  3. Hi, great blog 🙂
    I would also add another two!
    1- El filete Ruso, in Rambla Catalunya
    2- “Gallito”, at Barceloneta, next to the W hotel, makes a very nice Hamburger!

    • Thank you worthtryin!Interesting places!
      One more recommendation, this is from Anna and Cristina: Bacoa (Colomines St.2)in Born.

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