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Japan restaurant week (14-23 June)

June 16, 2013

Following an initiative started in New York years ago, the Japan Restaurant Week (from 14 to 23 June) will be held in Barcelona and Madrid at once. You will find a menu of 25 euros in the following restaurants:

Barcelona: Yashima, Iki Barcelona, Yamadori, Yû, Futami, Minato, Sakura-Ya, Shibui, Ikibana (Born), Ikibana (Paral·lel), Sugoi, Midoriya, Daruma, Teppan Yaki, La Cuina de l’Uribou, Can Kenji.

Madrid: Banzai, Daisuki, Nippon, Nippon 2, Ikura ML, Tsunami, Summa, Inari, Ikura CR, Ginza, Hanakura, Himawari, 99 Sushi Bar, Banzai, Inari, Txa-Tei.

More information:


For beginners, let us recommend you an article of Japan cuisine:

Have a nice week!;)

Dedicated to our friends, “The Gintonics” 😉

  1. Thank u so much guys!!!!!!!!

  2. You’re welcome!!!;) We expect you share with us your experience in Teppan-Yaki restaurant!

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