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Gràcia (III) – Vermut time

August 18, 2013

These days you can enjoy popular celebrations in Festes de Gràcia. Besides viewing the decorated streets, this is a good time to know some bars in the area if you want to taste a traditional vermut.

Bodega Quimet (Vic St.23): Just a few tables in a traditional place recovered from the past. Vermut at 1 euros and a varied sort of tapas (hig quality sausage from Extremadura)


Vermuteria del Tano (Joan Blanques St.,17 or Bruniquer St.30): There are always ready the ingredients for a vermut in a traditional and authentic setting.


Costa Brava (Alzina St.58): little bodega in a quiet place of the area. Any sophistication, but good tapas and vermut.

costa brava

Gata Mala (Rabassa St.37): to go early in the evening, you can get beer (caña) and a free tapa. At night you can taste a gin tonic.

gata mala

Bodega Marín (Milà i Fontanals St.72): old groceries store, now is a little cellar in which you can have a cup of wine, vermut and some tapas. Aunthentic.

bodega marin


A special mention in this post about the “Movement for the Defense of Neighbourhood Cellars“, a group which reclaim the traditional cellars as places for all kind of people, not only for old people. Always with sense of humour.



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