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The best “bravas” in Madrid and Barcelona

September 7, 2013

Patatas Bravas (Brave Potatoes could be the fast translation) are one of the most popular tapas in Spain. The culture of bravas is always evolving and the way to prepare it is different depending on the area or  city. Some people think the original bravas include tomato, other paprika, other “all-i-oli”, other mayonnaise… Even the origin of bravas is not very clear.

This week appeared a list of the best bravas in Madrid and Barcelona. It’s been controversial in Barcelona, because the list ignores the most well-known bravas in the city: bravas from Bar Tomas. It the first time we have found someone doubting about the quality of these bravas, but it is interesting to see the new wave of bars offering this tapa.

For us, the key of Bar Tomas is not only the bravas and the “secret” sauce, is also the history: the old bar and a peculiar barman (recently retired) give the bar his own character. It is now a classical place in Barcelona. If you want another kind of tapas, you have to go to a modern bar and, luckily, there is a broad offer in Barcelona.

In our post Vermut and tapas in Barcelona are including some of our favourite places to eat bravas, but the list will be longer soon!


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