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Following Carvalho

September 11, 2013

In Barcelona, it’s possible to enjoy a route mixing literature and gastronomy: The Pepe Carvalho’s route. Carvalho is an iconic detective created by the  writer Manuel Vazquez-Montalbán and a gourmet (as much as the author). The route includes the favourite places of character and writer in Barcelona, where stories usually happen:

Coctelería Boadas (Tallers St.,1): next to Las Ramblas, in a corner (and so small that you can ignore it if you don’t know it), there is this historical bar, where you can taste any cocktail you ask for. Opened since 1933, it’s a pleasure to see the barmen working. The route includes one of these cocktails.


Restaurante Can Lluis (Cera St.49): old restaurant, specialized in traditional dishes (escudella, cuixa de cabrit, xinès). The route includes a tapa and a cup of wine there.

can lluis

Casa Leopoldo (St.Rafael St.,23): in the middle of Raval quarter, there is this historical place to eat traditional dishes with a decoration according to this tradition. Also it is a cultural place, because it was the meeting point of different writers, usually Vazquez-Montalbán’s friends. A secret: if you  want to eat the best dishes, you have to say you come “from Pepe Carvalho”. The route includes a special dinner here.


We recommend you this route, you can do it joining a group or by your own, although it’s not very cheap.   But the experience ‘s worth!


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