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Barcelona: Hidden places in Les Corts

October 20, 2013

Les Corts is not a very well-known area in Barcelona, although it is famous due to “Camp Nou” ( F.C.Barcelona soccer field). But it has some hidden places.

Plaça Concòrdia (Concordia’s Square): it is the heart of the old town, in the middle of tiny streets, only for pedestrians. There you can have a quiet beer in some of the bars of this square, usually plenty. If you want to stay apart, then you have 2 options:

  • Fragments Café (Plaça de la Concòrdia, 12): good place to eat some tapas and a drink. You can sit at the terrace, in Concordia’s Square, but you also can enter and, at the end of the bar, you find a small garden to stay there in a more quiet way.
  • Centre Cívic Can Deu (Plaça de la Concòrdia, 13): placed in a small palace from 1860, you can go inside and  find the bar. There you have the option of having a drink or a sandwich in the inside garden, with several tables between palm trees.


Baobab Café ( Joan Gamper St. 12): near to Concordia’s Square, you can find this small bar, perfect to have a coffee or a tea.

baobab cafe

Leku (Joan Güell St. 189): near to Concordia’s Square, there is this comfortable restaurant, that offers Basque Cuisine and good quality food.

Bangkok Café (Evarist Arnús St. 65): High quality Thai food. It is placed in a corner and the terrace is in Passatge Tubella, an oasis in the middle of the Les Corts streets, because this quiet passage has a set of houses with courtyards and front gardens built in 1925, for the Sants and Les Corts industry workers.

2013-05-11 18.51.08

Bar Bodega R.Ruiz (Montnegre St.32): traditional place to eat tapas and a drink. Placed in the “Colònia Castells” (another small town built in 1880 for industry workers. It had 5 streets but now exists only one) is one of the last real cellars in Les Corts (since the closure of old Ciurana’s cellar). If you want to go, go quickly, because it is planned to demolish last houses of Colonia Castells in order to build modern flats. Thank you city council to maintain our history alive…Update 11/12/13: The bar is definitely vanished. The buiding has been demolished.

bar bodega R.Ruiz

Tast de vins (Morales St.30-32) It is a traditional Catalan restaurant, placed in a hidden old cellar (Brugal). Good attention and quality Catalan food. Opened only at nights!

tast de vins

More modern options:

The “mall” La Illa, placed in Les Corts, has inside a broad square plenty of terraces to take a drink and eat something quietly. And behind La Illa, you can find different sort of bars (Deu i Mata Street) and a square (Plaça Rosés) next to Numancia, where is placed the old and small Roses Library (originally a Masia). At summer, you can stay in a hidden terrace in Passatge de les Cinc Torres, shared between 2 restaurants, La Vaqueria (Deu i Mata 141), Catalan food restaurant and Smoker’s Club and Valentina (Deu i Mata 146),Italian food restaurant.

Finally, you can take a walk around “Jardí de les Infantes” (known before due to old Ciurana’s cellar, which is now a modern bar), but in Can Bruixa St.or Joan Güell can find some quiet bars. Or you can taste the “churros” of the old churreria.

About bars, we recommend the cocktails of Kahala Bar (Diagonal Av.,537) and , in Deu i Mata Street, you can find some pubs. In Joan Güell St.,150 , La Garrafa de los Beatles, a curious bar where you can hear Beatles versions and find old relics for Beatles collectors.

la garrafa

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