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Argentinian empanadas in Barcelona

November 3, 2013

For sure, there are more places in Barcelona, but here we talk about the places we visit to eat an “Argentinian empanada” made with quality food, good prepared and following Argentinian style (great memories of that country!)

Bar Rekons  (or Bar Canigo) In the corner Urgell and Sepulveda Street,  you can eat phantastic Argentinian empanadas and cakes, salats and sanwitches. Of course, there you can find delicious alfajores. It is very popular, so it will be difficult you can take a place there. A secret: there is a little dining room downstairs. And if you don’t success and the place is plenty of people, don’t worry! Near you can find interesting places, see

In Gracia, Rekons (Diluvi St, 8) has a “take away” shop (there can’t eat there), where you can find the same kind of empanadas. Our favourite: meat and pumpkin. It is integrated in the initiative to have the food of your favourite restaurants at home.

Also in Gracia, in Joanic Square, El Viejo Almacén (La Casa de la Empanada) (Ramon Y Cajal St., 158), a “take away” shop where you can choose between 15 different kinds of empanadas (meat, chicken, chicken curry, artichokes, spinach, cheese, etc) and sweets.

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