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Still weekend! Princess market, Penedès, artisan pastries and Galician tapas.

December 8, 2013

Still weekend! Here you go some ideas for this Sunday:

Mercat de la Princesa (3 entries:Carrer Sabateret 1-3 St, Carrer Flassaders 21, Carrer L’Hostal de Sant Antoni 5): placed in an old palace in El Born Quarter, this market offers you the option of tasting 16 gastronomic proposals.



There are specific stalls for cheeses, Italian food, Japanese food, Beers, Wines, etc. In the tables inside the market, you can enjoy this “show-cooking experience”. And it is open until midnight during the weekend until 1.00 a.m. at weekend, so its a good option for dinner. More details here.



And if you want to know the story of the princess which gives the name to the market, you can read it here…Who said real princesses are like angels?;)

Vilafranca vé de gust: Following this slogan, some restaurants in Vilafranca del Penedès offer a special menu including the Black Cock (December 6th-January8th), typical poultry of the zone. The restaurants are: Cal Ton, Can Bellés, Casino, El Cigró d’Or, El Gat Blau, Hotel Mas Tinell (En Rima), Miquel Soria, Trefi, Racó de la Calma y Sharlotte. All of them have created a special dish with the Black Cock. You can taste it cooked with prunes and raisins, or with artichoke and mushrooms, etc. If you want to go to Vilafranca del Penedès , take into account that the Cock Fair will take place on December 21th-22th, an old tradition where you can buy a cock and taste one of the fantastic wines of that zone. More information here.


And remember in Penedès you also have the option to take part in Xató Route:

And if you are in Torremolinos (Andalucia), you can go to the Cloister’s Pastries Fair (December 5th-8th) where you can taste artisans cakes and sweets coming from different Andalusian cloisters . If you are a fan of this kind of pastries, we recommend you Caelum (Carrer de la Palla, 8) in Barcelona.

dulce convento

And if you are in Pontevedra, last day of Pontedetapas (Novembre 29th-December 8th), a contest in which some restaurants have created a special tapa, traditional or creative. We warmly recommend you, Galician food never disappoint you!

pontedetapas 2


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