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Ideas for Christmas time

December 26, 2013

Yes, we know Christmas was yesterday, but we want to share with you one post dedicated to Christmas time, not enjoyable for everybody, but special for us this year.

Here in Spain, it’s time to stay at home with your family and spend your time in looooong meals. Christmas formally starts the night of December 24th and ends at January 6th, the Kings Day, when kids receive their gifts. So, prepare your oven, pans, pots and your imagination!

In order to  find a lot of recipes and original ideas, you can visit this  blog: Made by a generous cook and friend, the blog includes varied dishes and desserts, traditional, modern, local and from over the world. I’m (female Silician) a big fan of “bombon de foie and crocant”, delicious! And we specially enjoy the posts related to her travels;)

bombon foie

And now it’s time of nougats, sweets and marzipans. If you want traditional and high quality nougat, visit this web: We can guarantee the quality of the products, because we can taste some of them at Christmas time (we are lucky!). And related to the previous blog, there is a new and interesting offer: ecological nougat. In  you can find a varied sort of this kind of nougats and a special pack for Kings Day!


And we end the post wishing you Happy Holidays and dedicating our Christmas dish to our family, all saints;).

2013-12-25 15.10.25







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