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April 13, 2014

We went to Luky (Sortidor Sq,3), restaurant in Poble Sec a few days ago, in good company. It is placed in Sortidor Square, a popular square where we recommend you to go to have a vermut, it is plenty of bars. Luky is placed next to another classic in the area, Restaurant El Sortidor.

2014-04-04 21.43.44

The differences between both places is that El Sortidor has a classical appearance, it exists since 1908, with old tables made of metal and marble, big windows and a wooden bar, whereas Luky is the modern option.

2014-04-04 21.43.59

The decoration of Luky is original and comfortable. Not much light and tables with candles, perhaps at night it is better for a dinner in couples. It is divided in different rooms and you can find from books to old lamps, paintings, etc as an antique shop.

2014-04-05 00.02.09

2014-04-04 21.53.49

And what about the food? You can choose between different options of starters. We tasted the bravas potatoes, too much spicy for all of us. And a salad, which was very good.

2014-04-04 22.05.41

As main dishes we choose meat with cheese, very good, and cuttlefish, cooked with onion. Not bad, but really better the meat.

2014-04-04 22.38.36

2014-04-04 22.38.20

As a dessert, we ate two kind of cakes: apple pie with caramel (dulce de leche) and chocolate coulant, both options very tasty. But surprisingly expensive, almost 6 euros each of them.

2014-04-04 23.07.55

2014-04-04 23.08.03

And about the prices, we drank the house wine restaurant. It costed 11 euros, and a friend found it in a Vinalium shop for less than 4 euros. So, for us, prices of dishes were more or less correct for quality and quantity, but beverages and desserts had disproportional prices.

2014-04-04 22.03.12

The service was kind and we the place very comfortable. As a curiosity,  the bathroom  follows the general decoration style. (we don’t have photo)

After that we gone to some bars of the area. We discovered Tinta Roja (Creu dels Molers St.17), a bar following the spirit of classical Paral.lel, with a stage where you can have a drink. Red light and erotic paintings. And good prices (Martini 4,5 euros).

2014-04-05 01.34.29

And a cellar where with good music and not too much place to sit Gran Bodega Saltó (Blesa St.,36)


And as a curiosity in Poble Sec, you can find the Refugi 307 (Nou de la Rambla St.169), network of tunnels created during the Spanish Civil War, inside Montjuic hill.

2014-04-04 21.37.10

Other options in this interesting area and


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