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The Market Barcelona, Peruvian cuisine

May 10, 2014

We visited The Market Barcelona (Gran de Gràcia St, 7), a restaurant placed next to Jardinets de Gràcia and very trendy these days. They offer Peruvian cuisine, also trendy since a few years ago.

2014-05-09 15.19.12

The place is small and you can find a few tables inside and 5-6 tables on the street.  We went on Friday, and it was full, mainly of foreign people (meaning not Catalan people). There is no menu option. Inside,  some paintings you can buy.


2014-05-09 15.16.46

The options are the typical Peruvian dishes (ceviche, causa limeña, seco de cordero, etc), but with interpretations. For example, you can find more than 5 kinds of ceviche.  The Peruvian cuisine is a particular cuisine, lighter and less spicy than other South american cuisines, with varied  influences. (Some of the most important are Chinese (chifa) and Japanese (nikkei) fusion). And it is very tasty. One of the points we like more is the use of coriander in the dishes. And the result is enough soft to be easily adapted to Mediterranean taste. Perhaps the influence of the sea and warm temperatures?

To start you can choose a salad or some other dishes. But we started with Pisco sour, a cocktail made of  pisco, citrus juice and  egg. Delicious! By the way, they have a broad offer of cocktails.

2014-05-09 15.26.59

As main dishes we chose a classical Ceviche (marinated fish with lemon or lima and onion) and Tallarines saltados de carretilla (noodles with chicken). Both very tasty.

2014-05-09 15.31.42


2014-05-09 15.31.37

Tallarines saltados a la carretilla

We didn’t taste the desserts, but we saw some palatable cakes.  Sweet deserts are very integrated in the traditional Peruvian cuisine. Prices are not popular but also not very expensive. Some examples:

2014-05-09 15.18.38

In our opinion, The Market Barcelona is a good place to know the traditional Peruvian cuisine if you want, but they offer a more creative cuisine in some dishes. Other places to taste good traditional Peruvian dishes in Barcelona are El Patio Latino or El Señorío. And a more creative option is Ceviche 103 (pending visit!). We will continue investigating!


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