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La Pastisseria de Barcelona

May 21, 2014

Placed in Aragon St.228, La Pastisseria de Barcelona offers a set of creative artisan pastry. In 2011, the pastry cook Josep Maria R0driguez won the contest “Best Pastry Chef in the World“.  And the winning pieces were: “The Cherry” and “La Rosa dels vents

2014-05-10 19.19.24
2014-05-10 19.24.18

We went to his pastry shop in order to taste one of the pieces he offers: cakes, all kind of pastry… All there seem delicious, it was difficult to choose one of them! We finally tasted the cherry and one of the croissants (with capuccino cream inside), both very tasty.


2014-05-10 19.31.30


But the cherry is extraordinary! With cherry mousse and pieces of cherry inside and yogurt and biscuit base. And it is a misterious how could it be made!    We don’t know the technique to cook it, but we are sure that if we try to do it at home, the result would be very different!

2014-05-10 19.31.00

And good news: a new pastry shop by Josep Maria Rodriguez has been opened in Barcelona, in Via Augusta 166. Highly recommended!



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