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Tast a la Rambla 2014

June 21, 2014

Since June 12th until June 15th took place in Barcelona the First Edition of Tast a la Rambla, an initiative to show the cuisine of some of the most important restaurants, bars or pastry-shops in Barcelona. The way to do it is preparing little dishes, kind ot tapas, with the speciality of the restaurant or specific creations for those days. You can taste 4 tapas for 16 euros and a drink for 1,5 euros. Albert Adrià, Escribà, Carles Gaig, Nandu Jubany,Martín Berasategui, Carles Abellan,etc were some of the names of the day.

2014-06-14 15.36.33


We were there last Saturday.We thought it could be oppressive, because the number of people following the initiative and the heat, but the place was perfect: in the middle of the Ramblas were the stands of every restaurant/bar/pastry shop and aside were a place to rest and eat, with some tables with parasols. The place, not so crowded as expected, and the sea breeze help us to be comfortable.

2014-06-14 15.58.02

How about the dishes? Some of the proposals we tasted:

Gazpacho with watermelon and ham, from Bar del Pla (Jordi Peris): delicious and refreshing (photo below). And we recommend to go to the bar in Born. Placed in the beginning of Montcada Street, in a small square,it is a quiet place to have a drink. We also taste the salmorejo from Llamber (Francisco Heras), very good dish too. Perhaps, too much olive oil, but tasty.


Rice from Ca La Nuri, with octopus and potato with pimenton, delicious! (see photo below). The problem was that you must eat the dish inmediatly you pick up it if you want to eat it warm.  And we taste also the rice from La Cuina del DO (Pere Moreno), stronger flavor, but good rice too.


Sandwich of Ibéricos with egg sauce from l’Eggs (Paco Pérez): one of our favourite dishes of the day. Delicious the mixture of the meat and the sauce (see photo below). We tasted another sandwich, “Brioix” from Tickets (Albert Adrà). It was a tasty sandwich but the proposal was not so creative as we expected.


Mini beef burger with Ibéric ham, Manchego Cheese and Tofona (or truffle) oil from Filete Ruso (Enric Millà): good and traditional proposal.

2014-06-14 15.08.02

Squid with onion and tomato confit (Calameres con cebolla y tomate confitado) from Freixa Tradició: traditional and very tasty dish. Artisan bread and curious shape.

2014-06-14 15.06.44

And the desserts, all of them quite good (see photos below):

Hot Dog Escribà: nothing is what it looks like. The sausage is made of chocolate and raspberry sauce and crème brûlée.

Mint-xocolate Macaron glacé  from Épicerie (Romain Fornell): After-Eight memories,  involving  the Macaron art.

Mojito Splash from Bubó (Carles Mampel):Mojito ingredients, but with red Shiso foam and green Shiso leaves.

2014-06-14 15.39.14

2014-06-14 15.39.05

There were more activities, workshops, etc in order to promote the neighbourhood, in Rambla Santa Mònica. We tried to attend one of them, a candies workshop qith Escribà,  but we found a presentation of one project of Escribà in Singapur. We hope the rest of the workshops planned were done!

However, the experience was worth it and we hope to repeat next year!



And, at the end, a summary of the day with surprise included with Unlaboratorioenmicocina 😉


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