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Vienna (Austria)

August 30, 2014

A few weeks ago we visited Vienna (or Wien), one of the most interesting capitals in Europe, included in the top of best places to live. Known for its imperial history and buildings, Sissy and her palaces, Mozart , Beethoven, etc Vienna is more than this. Always preserving culture, part of its identity, the city offers a crowded city center to satisfy the “one-day tourists” (Opera, palaces,shops,etc), but you can find a lot of hidden places to enjoy quiet when you decide to go out the center.


In this post, we want to share some of our discoveries in our visit:

Next to City Center

Spittelberg: this “little town” next to the center, has a few pedestrian charming streets, with cobbled floor, art stores and terraces of different cafés and restaurants in the streets. Prices of restaurants are medium-high but it’s worth.

spittelberg - copia

Or if you prefer, you can go in the afternoon and ask for an Apfelstrudel (apple cake), a traditional piece of Viennese pastry (delicious!!)

apfelstrudel - copia


Linking Spittelberg and MuseumQuartier, there is a bridge with an official spaceinvader.

2014-06-23 20.34.12

And below it, the best restaurant discovered during this visit: Glacis Beisl. With a fantastic garden, offers quality traditional dishes of Vienesse cuisine and others. We tasted a gulash, a cream and a curious piece, kind of “morcilla”!.




In this zone, you can find Siebensternbräu, traditional restaurant where you can find craft beer and good prices. Good place to taste the typical Schnitzel, the Eismarillenknödeln and a pan of vegetables and cheese (generous quantity of food!)


2014-06-23 21.12.54

In front of MariaTheresen Platz, the Museum Quartier, with the most important museums to visit (Mumok,etc). The square in the middle is a quiet place to have a beer.


Next to the river (am Donau), in Schwedenplatz, Italianischer Eissalon.  Tasty ice creams.


As a curiosity, next to the impressive Parlament, in the City Hall (Rathaus) we found an old cellar where you can have a menu. It was the Rathauskeller, a very beautiful place (but we don’t ask for prices)


City Center

To get a beer: Albertina Museum terrace, in front of the Opera, quite place.


To have a meal, you can find a lot of restaurants for tourists. We recommend you two places we visited, that offer (very) traditional Viennese dishes (for sure, Schnitzel is the main dish) at good prices.First of them is the Reinthaler’s Beisl, where we could taste a very good salmon.

2014-06-25 15.34.26

And the second one is Gasthaus Reinthaler, with a waitress dressed in a traditional Viennese clothes.



And here you can find the two places to taste the famous and original Sachertorte: Hotel Sacher (original Sacher Torte) and Demel Pastry Shop (Eduard Sacher Torte). There is a curious story about the origin of the cake. In Demel you can find a delicious pastry, one of the strong points of Vienese cuisine.

Out of city center

In Mariahilferstrasse, one of the most comercial street in the city, two hidden passages: Barnabitengassen, plenty of different kind of restaurants.


And Raimundhof ,a  passage with some shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, with two open spaces where you can have a beer quietly. In Raimundhof you can find a little and familiar cafe: Cafe im Raimundhof. Coffee culture is important in Vienna, you can find different cafes and good quality coffee. Melange is coffee with milk, always served with a glass of cold water.



Nashmarkt, in Karlsplatz, is the most well-known market in the city. It includes different kind of restaurants, fish, meat, spices,etc. The most famous is Neni.We couldn’t eat there because there was fully booked, as you can see in the photo below. Next time!



Far from city center, we recommend you Hundertwasser, curious building that tries to imitate Gaudí style. There is a charming cafe where you can enjoy this surrealist and coulorful place.


Schlossquadrat, next to Margaretenplatz, a block of houses with passages and terraces inside. Good option to escape from crowded streets.

2014-06-24 13.59.21

And the Prater, a public park that includes an amusement park (free entrance by Leopoldstadt) and the famous Wiener Riesenrad, giant wheel that appears in different films, the most famous the Orson Welles film:The third man.



In the middle of Prater, Schweizerhaus, a traditional restaurant plenty of Vienesse families that go in the afternoon in order to eat the speciality Hintere Schweinsstelze (back part of pork). You can spend one day in this big park.


Hintere Schweinsstelze

Of course there are more hidden places,gardens, neighbourhoods, cafes and restaurants to discover in this elegant city. A good reason to come back!

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