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New York: Balthazar

September 28, 2014

In our visit to New York we were able to visit some places that we want to share with you in different posts. Of course, New York is a huge city with an incredible gastronomic offer, so it is just our experience. We hope it will  be useful if you visit this emblematic city!

Let’s start with Balthazar Bakery (80 Spring St.): Placed in Soho (Manhattan), between Broadway and Crosby St, it is a small bakery where you can find different artisan options (bread, pastry) to take away.

2014-09-18 09.55.02

But if you want to have a longer breakfast and to be seated, then you can go to the next door and go inside the Balthazar Restaurant (80 Spring St.). The place is an open space decorated following old Parisian style. You have the option to seat on a table, in the dinning room, or go to the bar, to have a faster breakfast or brunch. To get a table, better if you have a reservation. Inside it is quite noisy and you can hear classical music. You can see a varied sort of people, mostly fancy and tourists.

2014-09-18 09.23.05


We go to the bar, as you can imagine, and ask for a “mediterranean” breakfast: coffee and pastry. We ask for a plain croissant ( a butter croissant, quite good) and cappucino. It was ok and it is a good cofee, a thing not so easy to find in New York. Prices are quite expensive, but it’s worth a visit to this place.

IMG_20140918_215511Perhaps in another visit we have time to have a lunch or dinner and taste the onion soup or some other dishes of this famous place. Next time!

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