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November 1rst-2nd: Castanyada, Halloween and mexican Dia de Muertos

November 1, 2014

These weekend is special. At November 1rst and 2nd people tribute to the dead in different ways all over the world. In Catalunya, we have our own traditon, but some other celebrations have been imported from other cultures, that’s globalisation!

Castanyada:  old Catalan celebration. At Novembre 1rst we eat castañas (chestnuts) and panellets, sweets made of almond,sugar and pinions. Castañas are heaten at home or you can buy some in the street, to the castañera, a figure that is desappearing little by little (some years ago, November was a cold month, but it’s too hot these days!) Panellets have evolved into a variety of flavours (chocolate, coconut,etc). And usually, food is accompanied by sweet wine. Here leave you a recipe of traditional panellets:

Panellets JMHalloween: imported from anglosaxon culture, with the pumpkins and disguises, is a way to have fun these days, specially the kids. You can find a lot of party in Barcelona these days!


Día de Muertos: the Mexican celebration is coming here. It’s not a Catalan or Spanish tradition. Altough the mexican huts in Las Rambles, this is not Mexico! So, in Poblenou people could visit the cemetery on Thursday taking part in teatralized routes, interesting iniative to know more about traditions. And these days you can taste Pan de Muerto, mexican sweet bread. You can find it, for example, in Cloudstreet Bakery (Roselló St.112) in Barcelona (due to the mexican owner, Tonatiuh Cortés), completely artisan bread. Here is the recipe and story of this bread.

Pan de muerto

And if  you want to taste some mexican food this weekend, a recommendation in Gracia (Barcelona): Cantina Machito (Torrijos St., 47), comfortable traditional restaurant, with quality food spicy or not depending on your preferences!;) By the way, tacos are on fashion (we don’t know because it exists an increasing demand in Barcelona or just following the New York wave). We have to investigate the new restaurants of mexican food that are being opening in Barcelona!

Have a good Castanyada, Halloween or Dia de los Muertos!


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