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Artisan bakeries and pastry shops in Barcelona

November 30, 2014

These rainy weekend, with BCN&Cake and following the Thanksgiving day, it is a good moment to write about pastry in Barcelona.

There are a “golden square” in Barcelona, next to Hospital Clínic (Eixample Esquerra) where there are 3 pastry shops very interesting almost togheter:

Cloudstreet Bakery (Roselló St. 112): It is an old bakery reinvented by Tonatiuh Cortés, a mexican that makes artisan bread, meaning that he creates the bread dough (from wheat, rye, spelled,etc. All organic cereals) and he uses an old wood oven (from 1926). So, every piece of bread is unique. And he also offers different and international pieces of pastry, from cinnamon rolls,  lamington cakes, mexican Pan de muerto,etc. We tasted the red velvet cake, made from corn, very tasty and with a fantastic flavour. We’ll come back, for sure, in order to taste more new combinations of this artisan. A place where food means culture. 






Strata Bakery (Provença St. 158): In this pastry shop, you can find artisan cakes. A quiet place to taste these pies and cakes and a complete brunch on Sunday.


Pastisseria Serra (C/Villarroel 171) Serra means tradition in Barcelona. With a sort of pastry shops in Barcelona, they offer tradional quality pastry. 



And another classical place in Barcelona, that now has 2 shops in Barcelona:

Forn Baluard : Artisan bread  and a sorted pastry pieces: croissants, pastry, cakes. They offer Sicilian cannoli (recommended) and an awesome white chocolate croissant. The shops are in Baluard St 38, in front of Barceloneta‘s market (highly recommended if you go then to Barceloneta beach) and inside the Hotel Praktik Bakery (Rosselló 112, near to La Pedrera), where there is also a coffee shop. Perhaps the Barceloneta is shop a most charming place for us, but quality of pieces is the same in both shops.

2014-02-22 17.39.21

The place of creative pastry in Barcelona:

La Pastisseria Barcelona in  Aragon St.228 (Eixample Esquerra) and now also in Via Augusta 166 (Sant Gervasi), offer creative artisan pastry. We dedicated a post to La Pastisseria Barcelona Here another of the pieces they offer, the Mojito:


And a place we have visited since we were kids:

Forn Mistral (Ronda Sant Antoni 96): more tradition in Barcelona and one of the favourite places of one of us. Sorted pastry and, if you want to seat and have a quiet coffee in city center, you have the coffee shop in Torres i Amat St, 7.


Have a sweet Sunday!


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