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New York: Magnolia Bakery (Manhattan)

December 7, 2014

Magnolia Bakery (401 Bleecker St.) is the reference pastry shop for foreigners when you visit Manhattan. It is a classical place to buy cakes, muffins and pies (no more cronoughts!). Some of the cakes are in the showcase.


Inside, more and clear spaces: “order here”, “drinks”, “pay here”,etc. When we arrived, it was plenty of people, specially tourists. So we couldn’t see all the details of the shop.



We had to wait in a queue and when we arrive to the counter, then we could see the pastry offer. We ask for an apple crumble and a chocolate cupcake. More queue to pay. Then they put our order in a fantastic bag from Magnolia.


The apple crumble and chocolate cupcake were really tasty.



To go there, we walked down Bleecker Street coming from First Avenue (East Village). Bleecker is one of the few curved street in the middle of the Manhattan’s square grid. You can find a lot of interesting bars and restaurants in this street and some emblamatic buildings. In this part of the street, at 65 Bleecker St., you find Le Pain Quotidien, a good place to have a good coffee and pastry. (See our post:


After crossing Broadway,  you arrive to Greenwich Village, where you can find the fanciest shops (near is Washington Square, a must if you are visiting the city). If you keep walking, you get a little park crossing the 6th Avenue. There continues Bleecker St. in the West Village, with more shops and bars. You cross Perry Street famous due to “Sex and the city” and Carrie’s house. Almost at the end of the street, finally Magnolia Bakery.

There are more locations for Magnolia Bakery, in Rockefeller Center, Bloomingdale’s, Grand Central Terminal, etc so you have more options to taste the pastry if you are in Manhattan.

So, our conclusion after visiting Magnolia Bakery: perhaps too much tourists, but quality pastry.

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