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Alguero Café, oasis in Barcelona

January 3, 2015

Let’s start thenew year with a very special café not placed in a centric place in Barcelona. Algueró Café (Av. Mare de Deu de Montserrat 214) is El Guinardó, next to Passeig Maragall. Near this café you can find La Bota del Racó, classical restaurant of traditional Catalan cooking. The corner is a prefect place, because it takes advantage of the natural light.


Inside you can find home-made products prepared with care. The kind of cake depends on the day, it is cooked everyday with seasonal products. Could be lemon, orange, etc. When we went, we can taste the mandarin orange cake, really delicious. Also the coffee is made with care and it is very tasty.


The space is divided in 2 parts, separated by short stairs. There are two levels, with some tables and sofas, very comfortable. Meanwhile you can hear music and there is a small bookshelves with magazines and books also for children.


We recommend you to go there. Perhaps you go there just to know this place, but it is worth. Barcelona is more than Plaça Catalunya!;)

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