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March 1, 2015

Do you want to eat an artisan doughnut in Barcelona? You are lucky. Lukumas (the Greek version of the doughnut) is a pastry shop, bakery and café specialized in artisan doughnuts. There are two shops, one in Gracia (Torrent de l’Olla 169, next to Chivuos) and other in Raval (Valdonzella 36, near Plaça Universitat). The owner and baker is greek and graphic designer. He decided to keep the family business in Barcelona, the city where he finally settled down.


We went to the Gracia shop and we could taste one lukumas filled with strawberry marmelade and other (a dot doughnut) filled with xocolate and hazelnuts, both really tasty.


The doughnuts are made everyday in order to be sold and eaten the same day. So, we recommend to go early if you want to find sorted options. We went a Saturday at midday, and only left 3 kind of doughnuts. And after our visit, only one! At Saturday evening just Raval’s shop is open.


The flavours of the doughnouts are varied. Inside you can find a small café and more options of products. A good place to enjoy eating!


The curiosity

On the beaches in Greece there are men selling lukumas, carrying them in a tray on their head. That’s what the Lukumas’ logo represents.


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