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Un Capítol de Vietnam

March 29, 2015

Un Capítol de Vietnam is a Vietnamese restaurant in Barcelona, placed in Nàpols St.266, near Sagrada Familia. We went on Sunday and it was full. We ask for a tapas menu in order to taste as more dishes as possible. And it was a good choice.  The dishes:

Nem: rolls made of meat and vegetables. You have to wrap them up it with lettuce and mint. The mixture between the mint and the vietnamese souce, sweet, is quite good.


Nem cuốn: rolls of rice pasta, with prawns, mint and lettuce inside and a sauce of sesame and peanuts (delicious!)


Bánh xếp: steam raviolis with meat and vegetables.


Gà Bánh xếp:pasta egg dumplings with chicken inside.


Bánh cuốn: steam rice pasta with pork and vegetables inside. Onion toppings.


Bánh tôm vó’i mè: kind of “tortilla” of prawns with sweet chilly sauce.


Phò xào cà ri: noodles with prawns and vegetables and a delicious souce of coconut and curry.


The flavours are mild, easy to Mediterranean people. It is a recommended experience if you want to taste different food in a comfortable place. You also can have a gluten free or a vegetarian menu. And it is better you book table before or,if you prefer, they offer “take away”.

A pleasent way to approach Vietnam!

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