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Idò Balear

April 11, 2015

We love Balearic Islands (Menorca, Eivissa, Formentera, Mallorca, Cabrera) and we were really happy when we discover this shop in Barcelona. Idò Balear (Viladomat 43), in Sant Antoni quarter, is specialized in Balearic products. Two of the most famous: ensaïmada or sobrassada. There you can find this kind of products in their artisan version. 

The place is divided in 3 parts: an external part, with a couple of tables and an external shop. Inside, first the part of “grocery”, where you can find different products, biscuits and others, and of course, sobrassada hanging on the wall. And at the bottom, some tables where you can taste some of the products they offer. For ex, a breakfast with coffee and ensaïmada and some menus if you want to have a lunch.




We tasted the plain ensaïmada, really good (memories of our visits to Ses Illes).



The are 5 kind of sobrassada, from the most spicy since the most “sweet”. We chose the sweet and it a was a good choice.



A really recommended place to escape to these Mediterranean Islands for a while!

The curiosity: there are some theories about the meaning of “idò”, one of them is the evolution of the Catalan expression “i doncs” (could be “then”) and the evolution of the English sentence “I do”. You can choose 😉


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