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July 11, 2015

Placed in a discrete street in Girona, Rocambolesc (Santa Clara St.,50, Girona) is a small ice cream shop and decorated in the style of Willy Wonka. The shop and products are a Jordi Roca’s idea,  the youngest of the Roca’s brothers and now the World’s Best Pastry Chef (2015). Alejandra Rivas, his wife and creator of some of the ice creams, was serving the artisan products when we visited the shop.

You can choose between six flavors, each of them with the toppings and decoration you want. We decide to follow the Alejandra’s suggestions.


The ice creams we tasted were:

Vanilla with chocolate topics: good taste but a classical flavour. No surprising.


Green ice cream: apple, lima and more. It was an interesting mixture of acid and sweet flavours, really good.


Baked apple: if you are more fan of sweet than acid taste, it was your option. Pieces of apple inside. Very tasty.


Coconut and violet: our favourite. The mixture was delicious, the coconut matches perfectly with the violet.


Pending for us the chocolate and yogurt ice creams! Some of the 6 flavours changes. Who knows which one will find when we will come back!

There are some flavours you can choose only if you take home the ice cream, for example, “dulce de leche”.


You can eat the ice cream in a waffle cone and also in a kind of sandwich (heated) with ice cream inside.



And “polos” (just ice) remembering some of the ice cream we ate when we were young.


So, an ice cream shop based on imagination and quality. Now a new shop has been opened in Madrid. Enjoy it!

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