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Espai Joliu, coffee in Poblenou

January 15, 2017

Nice place in Poblenou to taste a good coffee (best quality, because it is Nomad’s). It  is placed in Badajoz St., next to the “superilla” of Poblenou, a very quiet space.


Just in the entrance, a lot of plants, like a little home garden. Then, at the end, the bar and the space with wooden tables. Walls are from stone and brick. Confortable.


Another strong point are the home-made pastry. We taste the apple crumble and it was really wood.


About the environment, perfect for hipsters, foreingn young people, people with laptops and curious visitants taking pictures. Or for headhunters! (we heard a job interview in the table next to us). So, you don’t find the newspaper, you can review cool magazines.

And as curiosity, if you ask for a caffe latte, be prepared to the question: “Single or Double” referring to the coffee. I think we are getting older 😉

Have a nice Sunday!!

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